3d #1 page

3d images made using Lightwave 3d ver. 5.6 and a few in ver. 9.2.

Click on image to see a larger version, then use your browsers back button to navigate.


I’ve grown to like putting houses underwater, the stillness and moody atmosphere, almost all of these pictures are years old and never intended to be seen by the public. If/when I do re-shoot them the lighting and settings will be better. I promise.

The Victorian style house is built from page 54 of the book Palliser’s

Model Homes 1878. Copyright 1972, Glenwood publishers. I really need to make some more of these.

One thing I noticed is that the people then were much smaller than now.  Modern day fatties wouldn’t fit through some of the doorways. No electrical wiring, not even gas pipes. Pre-Electricity homes had pipes going to individual gas lamps in each room. Do you want to know why there weren’t bathrooms in the houses.


An interior of an abandoned manufacturing facility


Another home underwater. Again, these were done using an old computer that took around 45 minutes or more to do each picture. An animation that had 24 pictures for each minute and was only 30 seconds long would take 45 minutes = 2700 seconds  .   2700X30= seconds or 81,000 total seconds – 1,350 minutes or 22 and 1/2 hours. That’s assuming everything in the animation  does what I want it to, it normally takes a lot of run-throughs for an animation to be considered ready for a final render. Industry standard seems to be something like 10 hourswork to 1 second of final animation render. That would be with a team of people working with you.



Another interior.

I’m in one of the pictures on the wall.


The picture on the wall is from the old Wall St. studio of radio station WBAI (99.5 fm, NY).

The building is at 120 Wall St., it was flooded to the 2md floor by Superstorm Sandy (was that it?)

and sustained severe damage.


This made for a nice series of animations. Due to the length of time for a decent (public viewable)

animation, you’ll never see one unless I put together a render farm (a bunch of computers that work on the same animation and cutting the total time down drastically)..


Nice, but the interior is totally impractical. What would you use this room for?


The only thing I didn’t build here is the Gerry Anderson SuperCar which I got from a fansite.


I have to get back to doing interiors, they can be time-consuming and until I’ve made a library of characters to put in them they’ll look bare.


Another view


The manufacturing facility again. I have better pictures but have yet to find them.


One of my favorites. There will be more, you betcha. I actually made this into the interior of a  stone temple starship. I’ve added 2 or 3 more on the 2nd 3d page.


The Victorian house again, the tv & file cabinet  are from NewTek’s (publisher of Lightwave) content library (thanx!).


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